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  • Hip Hop Cafe by Robbie Samuels Posted on 05 May 2018

    Hip Hop Cafe from superrocketman on Vimeo.

    Born out of his Jamaica sound system roots, DJ Kool Herc changed the face of the planet in the 1970’s resourcefully creating something out of nothing called Hip-Hop. Heavy bass, scratching, break dancing, rap, graffiti art and dress code, mixing old flavours making new fresh statements are at the core of the culture's expression. All of these component parts of HIP HOP, I love, live for and are the driving forces behind what drove me to write, produce, finance and direct my contribution to the culture called Hip Hop Cafe.

    A short film for real HIP HOP heads globally, this one is for you. As far as I am aware a film like hasn’t existed until now. Have a watch, like it, share it, and hit me up if you want to see HOP CAFE 2

    Follow Hip Hop Cafe
    Website: hiphopcafefilm.co.uk
    Instagram: instagram.com/hiphopcafefilm
    Twitter: twitter.com/HipHopCafeFilm


    Written, directed and produced by Robbie Samuels superrocketman.com
    Producers: James Pearcey, Pranav Arya, Russell Would
    Line Producers: Romain Richard, Alex Olivares & Patrick Greene


    Jack: Osy Ikhile
    Jenny: Carla Harrison-Hodge
    Marge: Shola Adewusi
    Bonita: Jenny Mayers
    Waitress: Ania Sowinski
    Waiter: Tom Haywood
    Chess Player: Tunji Falana
    Hov: Gary Beadle
    Mr Dobalina: Masashi Fujimoto
    Saxophone man: Miguel D'Oliveira
    Chef: Femi Houghton


    Director of Photography: Andrew Kuchanny
    Production Designer: Vicky Hurley
    Editor: Paul Boobyer
    Costume Designer: Anne-Aurélie Pillet
    First Ad: Chris Malin
    Second Ad: Sam Bokma
    Gaffer: Jim Agnew
    Spark: Edward Hiscox

    Production Assistants: Claire Nolan & Huw Edwards
    DIT: Henri Plint
    Prop Buyer: Felicity Wetherell
    1st AC: Calvin Day
    2nd AC: Abi Hurcomb
    Grip: Carl ’Lump’ Dunn
    Sound Recordist: Rowan October
    Wardrobe Assistant: Hanna Szirmai
    Makeup Artist: Jessica Goh
    Stills Photography: Cregg St. Rose
    Catering: Mamma & Honnie Tang


    Titles and Credit Design: Mark One & Bentley Middlewick

    Digital Distortion

    Pre-Visualisation: Dan Sollis & Phil Trease

    Time Based Arts

    Post Producer: Sean Ewins
    Compositing: Jamie Crofts, Ralph Briscoe
    Additional Compositing: Linda Cieniawska
    Colourist: Jack McGinty


    Sound Supervisor: Scott Marshall
    Re-Recording Mixer: Luke Hatfield
    Dialogue Editor: Vincenzo Bosa
    Sound Designer: Tom Joyce


    Original Music by: Golden Kimono

    Dedicated to Nick, a man that loved the music more than most.

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