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  • VisionBombing Season 5 | Episode 43 Posted on 28 October 2017

    VisionBombing Season 5 Episode 43 from VisionBombing on Vimeo.

    In this episode it features Akua Naru, Amy True, Coops, Chuck Strangers, DirtyDiggs X Planet Asia, DJ Supreme, Funky DL, Hex One, K. Sparks, Kamanchi Sly, Marv Radio, Rahim Samad, Shi LythaL x Drewz Reality x El Da Sensei, Tha 4orce & DJ M.E.R., William Cooper and Wu-Tang Clan. Special guests by PiKaHsSo and Mr. Shay. 

    Hosted by MadFlow
    Music videos mixed edited, graded and mastered by Psykhomantus
    Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed
    Image designed by 4649 Worldwide
    VisionBombing 2017

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