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  • Juice Crew UK Tour Trailer Posted on 13 October 2017

    The mighty Juice Crew Big Daddy Kane.Masta Ace,MC Shan,Roxanne Shante,Craig G & Kool G Rap Light Up The Mics For The First Time Ever In London, Bristol and Manchester.. Hip Hop History Being Made

    The Juice Crew All-Stars - Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Masta Ace, Craig G, Roxanne Shante & MC Shan ... plus special guests .

    Nov 10: O2 Forum Kentish Town · London

    Nov 12th: O2 Academy Bristol · Bristol

    Nov 13th: O2 Ritz Manchester · Manchester

    general sale tickets available via ticketmaster / skiddle / see tickets & stargreen .

    Big Daddy Kane is widely considered the greatest rapper of the 80s, and one listen to his debut album should reveal why. He was essentially the 80's version of Jay-Z. He had an incredibly smooth, suave style about him, and his rapping techniques were second to none. Kane also refused to box himself in as an artist. Whereas Biz Markie was the funny guy, Kool G Rap was the gangster, Craig G was the battler, ect, Big Daddy Kane managed to get away with incorporating all of those subjects and styles, plus more, without any of them sounding false or shallow.

    Kool G Rap was the only member of the Juice Crew that could rival Kane with sheere rhyming abilities. Whereas he started his career rhyming mostly about the same subjects as Kane, namely by trying to be as well balanced as possible and incorporating as many themes in to his music as he could, he later began to focus more heavily on darker street tales, and eventually, mafioso/gangster rap. G Rap is probably best known for his strictly multisyllabic rhyme scheme, a technique he's been perfecting for the better part of his career, and also for a having a slight lisp that gives him an incredibly unique flow and delivery.

    Masta Ace is probably the most creative artist out of the whole Juice Crew. Almost all of his albums are concept based, many of them featuring some sort of story or narration which is detailed through numerous skits. Ace's style of rapping is characterized through a slightly offbeat flow, mixed with an impressive grasp on multi-syllable rhyming and storytelling.

    Craig G is the battle rapper of the juice crew, in both music, and practice. Not only are many of his rhymes structured around punchlines and battle centric bars, but for a time he openly participated in freestyle battles, earning himself a legendary reputation for being the first person to defeat MC Supernatural in a battle. These battling achievement would later help him land a job writing all of the battle raps for Eminem's incredibly popular Hip Hop movie, 8 Mile.

    Roxanne Shanté got her start as a 14 year old battle rapper when she recorded her legendary response record to UTFO's hit single, "Roxanne, Roxanne". Shanté's response, titled "The Real Roxanne", made her an overnight celebrity in the world of hip hop, and is widely considered one of the first true diss tracks, sparking a trend in Hip Hop that continues to this day. While she's mostly known for her battles, which would later include the beef with Boogie Down Productions and KRS-One, Shanté also had a solo career that many people, even the hardcore fans, slept on. She's also the only female member of the Juice Crew.

    MC Shan was THE star of the Juice Crew back when the group was first formed. Considering himself the veteran of the group, Shan's style of rhyming was noticeably rooted in the old-school, favoring simple rhyme schemes and flows over minimalist production. Shan, with the help of Marley, recorded some of the most essential old-school recordings Hip Hop has to offer, but by 1988, the year the Juice Crew really started to take off, he was being overtaken by his more advanced, more experimental Juice Crew brethren. He's probably best known today for his part in the feud between the Juice Crew and Boogie Down Production, which saw Shan attempt to single handedly take on KRS-One's Boogie Down Productions, only to suffer at the hands of some of the most devastating and well written diss tracks ever created.

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