• To The Fullest- REKS, Masta Ace, Rakaa Iriscience, Mr Wiggles 21 December 2018 | View comments

  • “Like Wisk157 says: Everbody is a part of this movement. We' movin' forward to study, to create, and to teach. Everyday. If you are focused, then you know why. Becauseweliveit. To the fullest. One. Hip Hop.” /music: 12 Finger Dan _beat _cuts • REKS, Masta Ace, Rakaa Iriscience _raps • Stevie Drumz _cuts /video concept, direction: Wisk157 [Becauseweliveit founder] • Felix “Feeldiz” Dittrich • Primate Rhyme [Becauseweliveit, primat.city] /camera, lights: Felix “Feeldiz” Dittrich _director of photography _most scenes • Flo “Fast Forward Monaco” Stielow _Rakaa scenes • Nils “Ich Mach Film” Starkmeth _MY45 scenes /video edit: Patrick Beckmann [primat.city] /locations: REKS _KIX headquarters, Munich • Mr Wiggles, Wisk157, b-roll _Team for Events, Munich • Rakaa Iriscience _Zoom, Frankfurt • Masta Ace _Kantine, Augsburg • record plant b-roll _MY45 GmbH, Tiefenbach

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