• If Halima Kujali Could Talk- LORD JAH-MONTE OGBON 08 December 2018 | View comments

  • Charlotte emcee JaH-Monte has teamed up with Drew Prince for the new original If Halima-Kujali Could Talk, a musical odyssey to the golden and classic age of 90s boom bap. The production of the song borrows from the era and, for those prone to reminiscing (wink wink), isn't far from Pete Rock & Cl Smooth's timeless They Reminisce Over You, with a gorgeous loop of saxophone that sets the stage ever so gracefully --where JaH-Monte enters. He oozes bombastic and swaggerlicious but remains grounded in reality and fact as you see him in and around his hood in Charlotte in the video. The rapper has a unique voice and relies on a quick and fast succession of rhymes to remind you that he's proud of where he's from and isn't going anywhere. And you'd do well to remember. Just don't call him King Callis, as he used to be known. There's no more persona, you're getting the real rapper and his name's JaH-Monte.

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