• Saturn Rings Sad Turn Around (Sstar) feat. DMT- Binary Star 14 September 2018 | View comments

  • SONG: Saturn Rings Sad Turn Around FEATURES: David 'DMT' Vied BEAT MAKER: OneManArmy CO PRODUCER: Autocons TURNTABLE: Mario 'DJ Virus' Aguirre KEYBOARD: OneManArmy ELECTRIC GUITAR: David 'DMT' Vied MPC 200XL: OneManArmy VOCALS: David 'DMT' Vied CONGAS: Obed Sucarri ARRANGER: GNRLsbLMNL RECORDING ENGINEER: Derek 'The Tyrant' Caraway MIXING ENGINEER: Derek 'The Tyrant' Caraway MASTERING ENGINEER: Denzel 'CONDUCTORWILLIAMS' EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: GNRLsbLMNL VIDEO DIRECTOR: Evan Doheny LABEL: Subterraneous Records

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