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  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that the following music video contains images and voices of people who have died." Cyclonious is back with powerful single ‘Invasion Day’ taken from the majestic album 'The Revival'. https://cyclonious.bandcamp.com/album... www.cyclonious.co.uk @Cyclonious This time Cyclonious has put together the production in superb fashion creating an enchanting beat and melody which is a beautiful detailed frame while Cyclonious brings a splendid narrative that completes this master piece. This single is uncanny and should never be overlooked! ‘Invasion Day' is a heart felt song bringing forward facts about the aboriginal genocide/ holocaust that is still active and over looked today in 2018. This song triggers emotions and puts the listeners mind in a cinematic mental trance. At the same time this song is just beautiful. Cyclonious has a way of putting his powerful points across in the most simplistic way. A true artist. This is a elevated spearhead for those already aware of this movement but also a meaningful yet entertaining introduction to all new comers. May the perception be unapologetic.

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