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  • Increase by DJ Obsolete & Gee Bag, taken from DJ Obsolete's forthcoming album 'The Mandela Effect' dropping on Village Live Records Produced by: DJ Obsolete Raps by: Gee Bag Filmed by: Addoink Vision Available to pre order on vinyl & cassette from 7PM (UK time) Monday, 5th March, only from www.villageliverecords.com 'The Mandela Effect' is entirely produced by German producer DJ Obsolete with guest features from: Gee Bag, Blabbermouf, Ill Conscious, Warpath, Nomadic & Dysfunkshunal Familee Follow DJ Obsolete: www.soundcloud.com/dj-obsolete www.facebook.com/djobsolete Instagram: @dj_obsolete Follow Gee Bag: www.soundcloud.com/geebagular www.facebook.com/mrgeebag Instagram: @geebagular Follow Village Live Records: www.soundcloud.com/villagelive www.facebook.com/villageliverecords Instagram: @villageliverecords www.villageliverecords.com

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