• Hymnal (feat. Sammus)- Open Mike Eagle 19 December 2017 | View comments

  • Sing it like it don't hurt, like it can't break, like its this big" Director - Brent Bishop Music Produced by Andrew Broder FEATURING Open Mike Eagle, Sammus, Maggie Maye, Kenesha Bolton, Sommer Johnson, Chris O’Conner, Anthony Powell, Dane Troy Director of Photography - Carissa Dorson Producer - David Maxime, Asia Coleman, Brent Bishop Executive Producer - Open Mike Eagle Visual FX - Gregory Tuzin 1st AD - Nikki Born Open Mike Eagle - "Hymnal (feat. Sammus) | Official Video from the album "Brick Body Kids Still Daydream" Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth Mello Music Group, 2017

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