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  • Sha Stimuli releases the official video for "Jail University" off his long-awaited sophomore album, "Lazarus", available now through all digital outlets. Video directed by Michael Mueller. Song produced by Agor, mixed by Amond "AJ" Jackson and Rob Thomas for Salem Psalms LLC., and mastered by Brian "Change" Penny. ““Jail University” began as a spoken word piece and it ultimately became a full-length rant over music. The words, “I should’ve went to prison,” were originally meant to gain snaps in a jazz café somewhere as the idea that being incarcerated would garner more respect and adoration in the music business and in the streets, compared to a college degree. On a quest to gain a record deal and notoriety as an artist, I was faced with obstacles concerning my image as a clean-cut college kid that grew up in a middle class home, with no real jail record or criminal history. The marketing department had no precedent from the late 90s and early 2000s to follow. With that said, this satirical, cynical, albeit semi-factual song came to life.” Copyright 2017 10 Minutes Late Records LLC. 10MinutesLateRecords.com @ShaStimuli @10MinLateRec

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