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  • Directed By: Diego Cruz
    Straight Bars Full Album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY6v_...

    Torn Pages Full Album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDeZD...

    This is an art imitating life story. Some of the events in the video are factual. This video isn't made to create or speed hate but yet awareness. Its meant to illustrate and perpetual cycle that hopefully ends today. I hope you share and enjoy. This is the first single off my album Torn Pages. Coming soon.

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    A native of the gritty streets of Detroit, Page Kennedy spent his early years going from the modest home of his neglectful drug-addicted mother, to a more comfortable yet equally difficult life alongside his doctor/drug-dealer strict and physically abusive father. At the age of seven, Page was introduced to rap by his older brother, who made him listen to artists like Kurtis Blow. Page was inspired by this type of music, but most importantly, he found in rap the avenue for self expression he had been longing for. At a time where Detroit bred its best rappers in the playgrounds of elementary schools, Page perfected his lyrical skills by battling and conquering anyone and everyone that came in his path. He quickly earned the reputation of being the best rapper, first at his elementary school, then throughout his high-school and college years, and especially when he made several visits to the Detroit's renowned Hip-Hop Shop.

    Life dealt Page a sudden blow when his father unexpectedly passed away when he was sixteen. Alone but determined to prove to his late father that he could do it, he not only finished high school but put himself through College and Graduate School. It was there that he discovered his love for Shakespeare and his calling for acting, a career that he decided to pursue when he moved to Los Angeles. There, he built an impressive resume with roles in movies like S.W.A.T., and appearances in some of the biggest shows in television like Desperate Housewives, Blue Mountain State and Weeds, where his character U-turn became a huge fan favorite.

    Throughout the years and all of his accomplishments as an actor, Page has never forgotten his first love: Hip-Hop. He consistently continues to write lyrically challenging verses. And when YouTube presented him with the opportunity, he created what has become an increasingly popular and well-respected music page along side his comedy page, to share his rap skills and videos with his fans. He also features on well-known artists' songs.

    But undoubtedly, one of Page's most successful projects has been his Vine page where he has reached huge popularity with over 1.6 million followers. All of this while landing the series regular role of Officer Frank Moto on the forthcoming Fox drama "Backstrom," alongside Rainn Wilson.

    A Lyricist, a Comedian, a Shakespearean Actor, a Writer, a Social Media heavyweight; appearing in hit Television series, successful commercials and blockbuster movies, Page Kennedy is the epitome of what it means to be multi-talented and driven.

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