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  • "BE YOURSELF" Prod. by Tom Delay Beats
    •From The Upcoming Album "THE BLACK ARTS"
    Produced by TOM DELAY BEATS
    •Buy The Single: https://crayzwalz.bandcamp.com/track/...

    This is Crooked Stream HipHop.
    Crispy, Filthy, True, Original, Appealing.
    This Is What Is Feels Like to Be Ya'self.
    Feel Me?

    Sniff That ".5kg" by DEAR DERRICK

    Shit. It's like a Musical Orgy.
    There is so Much More to Come.........
    "BEe YOURSELF" feat. C-Rayz Walz & Dear Derrick
    from The Upcoming Album "THE BLACK ARTS"
    Produced by TOM DELAY

    •Find & Hear C-RAYZ WALZ:

    ​ C-RAYZ WALZ ​The charismatic NYC-mainstay Mc C-RAYZ WALZ has enjoyed a fine career. He’s recorded 3 albums on the visionary hip-hop label Definitive Jux ​ and 35 albums on his very own SunCycle Industries Imprint.​ Walz is lauded as one of the most versatile and dexterous freestyle rappers on The Planet, and even had a spot on Made, the MTV reality show. (The episode scored a 2.3 on the Nielsen Ratings and is the highest-rated reality TV episode in the network's history)
    ​Life was Experienced in New Ways from 20​10​ & 201​4​.
    "Let's Just Say...I Had a Lot of Time To Really Focus & Re-evaluate Myself in every aspect of my existence" With an Unprecedented 16 New ​Full Lengths LP's Ready to go, C-Rayz is set to to serve appetizers to get Listeners & True Hip Hop Heads Ready for The Fresh New Soundscapes of "THE SUNCYCLE MC". Why Not?​ ​The Future is filled w/ New Energy & New Chances to do Great things In The Culture he lives for.
    ​C-Rayz Walz

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