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  • AG & John Robinson - THEY WATCHING

    Prod. By Ray West
    Trumpet by Lesedi Ntsane

    "They Watching" is a Red Apples 45 Short film that uses characterization to depict how people in society are secretly under surveillance every moment of their lives. The story is being told through a P.I. lens as J.R. & Dave Dar have no clue they are being followed all around the city. Why they watching?


    AG (DITC) & John Robinson is a full circle collaboration that was organically birthed out of a meeting of the minds connected by producer Ray West. The first building session completed with two songs recorded and some great vibes and the rest is Now Story. They Watching is the first installment of a series of Eps from this collective, the music is AG and J.R. telling retrospective stories of their journeys and experience combine with history, social justice, music and much more over Jazz attributed sound beds provided by Ray West.

    "They Watching" speaks how living in this advanced state of technology has forced people to surveillance themselves just through every day life from social media to security cameras to debit and credit cards etc. Whose Watching?

    Pressed on 12 inch black vinyl EP, contains 5 vocal songs, two skits and one instrumental.

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