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  • "A Love Sublime" prod. by J. Bless (extended ending prod. by Jesse Shatkin) - from the album KRUSHED GRAPES: HARLEM VINTAGE by CAB CABERNET complimentary download now pouring at cabcabernet.bandcamp.com and kglifestyle.com.

    "This music video is a visual interpretation of LOVE edited with the Afro-Cuban animated film "Chico y Rita" which tells the story of an elderly couple of artists who lost their once in a lifetime love over 40 years ago, and then found their love again in old age. The film seems to be tailor made for the song. And my grandfather being 1/2 Cubano, and coming to the states to find my grandmother is very close to home. This music video/song's statement is clear. In the end, love conquers all. Rest in Peace Grandpa."
    -Mr. Cabernet

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