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  • 'Build a Bridge' taken from 'Six Bricks' EP by Juga-Naut & Micall Parknsun.

    'Six Bricks' EP Release date on all major platforms (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play etc.) 25/03/2017

    Purchase 'Build a Bridge' single along with EP pre-order now here: https://juganaut.bandcamp.com/album/s...

    Video by Starbuckosta Nolan for VVVISIONS.
    Shot in Seattle, Washington and Oregon State by El Dia. Major shout outs to Goonies Beach, Mount Rainier, Snoqualmie Falls, The Forest Spirits, Red Woods, Twin Peaks, The RR Diner, Space Needle, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, David Lynch and Good Coffee.

    ‘Six Bricks’ EP is exclusive partnership between two of the UK’s leading Hip-Hop artists. Nottingham’s Juga-Naut & London’s Micall Parknsun. Named as such for its impeccably solid sound, style, content and delivery, ‘Six Bricks’ sets the foundation for a new era in Hip-Hop. Produced by Parky, co-production on ‘Gametime’ by Beat Butcha, lyrics by Jugz and featuring long-time partners in rhyme Scorzayzee, Tommy Nova, Vandal Savage and Cappo, this project captures the classic hip-hop sound infused with a modern potency that will carry it for years to come.

    IG: @Juganaut @Parkypix

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