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  • Alone in the evening, in public spaces, the mind wanders. Twilight dreams flicker through the mind's eye and overlap our quotidian commutes. Director Jon Webb's dance of light plays seamlessly over Nashville based producer L'Orange's subdued spaghetti western whistling, dry-drum driven soundscape. The lead-laced, pumice toned voice of veteran vocalist Mr. Lif ambles deftly through the track like the lone survivor of a world well over the excitement of an end that has long since passed.

    f * * k the plight,all we do is shine light,
    we're keeping only beauty in our eyesight
    Mr. Lif

    The final video from the duo's recent album The Life & Death of Scenery (Mello Music Group & Adult Swim) brings color and lighting choices that call to mind something Gasper Noe might have shot. The otherworldly feel is highlighted by actress Xinyi Zhu who dreams with eyes open while lost somewhere in time wearing a dookie gold chain, thin rimmed full moon spectacles, and high hipped denim shorts. The video is a magical ode to the quiet escapism headphones offer.

    From the album "The Life & Death of Scenery" http://tinyurl.com/zjql7vy

    Vocals - Mr. Lif
    Music Producer - L'Orange
    Director - Jon Webb
    Starring - Xinyi Zhu
    Director of Photography - Caleb Tou
    Editors - Jon Webb & Zach Kashkett

    Mello Music Group, 2017
    Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth

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