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  • AKD - How the story goes
    Produced by K73 2016

    AKD ► http://bit.ly/2feSGQr

    K73 Basement Stories Album
    ► Order on iTunes: http://apple.co/2bDwyfl

    featuring SPAX, AKD, Funky DL, David Scribbles, Uwe Kaa, J-Live,
    Taiga Trece, MIQ, BNC, Sunspot Jonz, Raashan Ahmad, Eramatics,
    Lobstarr, Caramelo, Cruso & Mic Jamain.

    16 months, a countless amount of recordingvideophotographic sessions and finally a album with 20 tracks, 80 pages booklet, videos, tons of photos, 15 single cover artworks and many new friends... It started with an idea and ended in a full LP called "Basement Stories". Thanks to each and everybody who helped us doing this project with the same believe we had to create something big at the end. Special thanks to the MC's which took the risk to work with us and our sometimes weird ideas on this journey. Believe it or not - we have a release date which is safe as the next brew at the Augustiner Brewery; 09.09.16! You'll get the LP at all known digital stores, Itunes presale is available NOW!

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