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About Psykhomantus:
Psykhomantus bridges the gap and connects the dots between Hip Hop and other progressive music genres as well as showcasing the whole spectrum of Turntablism. Mantus is known for Playing Past (Motown, Soul, Funk), Present (Hip Hop, Soulful House) and Future (Broken Beat, Nu Jazz, Electronica) music in his set. From classic funk and soul joints by Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Prince, Roy Ayers, to the production works of J-Dilla, DJ Spinna, Kaytranada, Robert Glasper to inspired music by Dego (4Hero), Mark de Clive-Lowe, Eska and Gregory Porter.Founder of the rap music video web series ‘VisionBombing’, DJ, turntablist, UK DMC Champion and former member of the DJ/Turntablist crew A Few Good Men, Psykhomanus has entertained at comedy clubs, spoken word events as well as festivals – DJ Psykhomantus is something of an anomaly when it comes to his mixes in music of multiple fields and takes his listeners on a musical journey. Inspired by DJ Cash Money, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spinna and DJ Spinbad, his love of music shines through in everything he does on two turntables and a mixer. Psykhomantus has also been working as a musical director since 2003 and live on stage in theatre, including Kwesi Johnson’s 2006 Hip Hop theatre hit show ‘A Hiphopstory’ and Jonzi D’s Open Art Surgery’ and ‘Freesyle Funk Forum’ by Breakin’ Convention. Psykhomantus is passionate about taking turntablism into theatre and his 2013 project, ‘Drunken Juggles: The Eight Drunken Immortals Technique’ was performed at Birmingham’s Hippodrome Theatre.
Psykhomantus has also collaborated on stage alongside contemporary luminaries: AKD, Amy True, AtJazz, Bizzi Dixon, B-Boy Mouse, Beane Noodler, Benji B, Boogie Blind, Carol Leeming, Carroll Thompson, Chima Anya, Colonel Red, Courtney Pine, Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew), David J, DJ Cash Money, DJ Pogo, Frsherz, Furious Five. Grandmaster Flash, Gee Bag, Gemma Weekes, Heidi Vogel, House Of Absolute, Illa J, Inspectah Deck (Wu-Tang Clan), Janet Kay, Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze, Jonzi D, Juice Aleem, Junia-T, Jehst, K’naan, K-Lash Nek-Off. Kingpin, Kurtis Blow, Kwake Bass, Lara Lee, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Lord Finesse, Logic, Lyric L, MadFlow, Marcus Joseph, Mark Ski, Maseo (De La Soul), MCM (Caveman), Mr. Thing, Mystro, Marv Radio, Natalie Oliveri, Omar, Otha Soul, Oneness Sankara, Platinum Pied Piper, Ray Estaire, Realitie, Red Rack’em, Rich Blk, K9, K.E.V (Nu Dakade), Shabba Doo (Breakdance), Shan Smile, shortMAN, Slum Village, Son Of Dan, Soul Mavericks, Soweto Kinch, Stick Man, Strange Fruit Project, Tim Westwood, The P Brothers, The Pharcyde, TrueMendous, Tony Minvielle, Tony Nwachukwu (CDR), Ty, Union Blak, VVV, Vaitea, Vels Trio, Victor Romero Evans, Zena Edwards to name a few.
About A Few Good Men:
A Few Good Men are a Hip Hop/turntablist outfit from Birmingham and Leicester with a big following from the midlands from 1989 to 2012. The original four consists of DJ's Roc One, Rhize, E Double D and Psykhomantus
A Few Good Men have supported a few famous artists such as Grand Master Flash, MCM (from Caveman), Slum Village to supporting local acts and as a group on six Turntables performing in festivals in and outside of Birmingham. They are respected in their community for their turntable skills, knowledge of good music and bringing good entertainment on stage at Birmingham's Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath. Most memorable nights were the "Rest In Power (A Tribute to J Dilla & Baatin)" tribute night, "Yo! MTV Rap's Remembrance" and the screening night for "Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest". The group parted in 2012 but united in 2015 to support Slum Village for a second time. 2018 current members Roc One & Psykhomantus reunite to continue where the group left off on four Turntables.
Music: Turntablism showcase of Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Original Samples & Remixes
What Is VisionBombing:
VisionBombing (VBTV). is a independent online music video show which aims to bring quality rap from the underground to the forefront. The show is a one-hour monthly web series on on Vimeo. The music videos are mixed lively in a mixtape style by DJ Psykhomantus (A Few Good Men). The show is hosted by beatboxer/rapper Madflow (Mad Prickly). The show also features special guest appearances from numerous Hip Hop artists.
VisionBombing Game Show is a Hip Hop game show created by MadFlow & DJ Psykhomantus. The game centres on two teams of four Hip Hop artists (a DJ, an MC, a Dancer and a Graffti Artist in each team), competing for points individually or as a team by playing a game which involves answering questions on media, music, films, politics or solving puzzles and playing wacky obstacles. Think of Hip Hop version A Question Of Sport meets Mock the Week meets Never Mind the Buzzcocks meets The Krypton Factor but a lot more fun and daring.

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